Thursday, October 4, 2007

10 ways to show your wife you love her

Your wife desperately needs to hear it. She says she wants for you to show it, too. How can you say, "I Love You" through your words and deeds without using those three words all of the time? Here are fifty great ideas:

1. Leave a note under her windshield wiper at work.

2. Give her a flower for each month you have been together.

3. Give her a facial massage.

4. Take her to the ballet or theatre.

5. Plan an overnight at a bed & breakfast.

6. Get a babysitter every friday.

7. Give your mate a romantic basket - with bubble bath, massage oil, chocolates, etc.

8. Give her a key with a note that says, "You have the key to my heart" or, "You're the key to my happiness."

9. Send flowers to your sweetie's workplace.

10. If you go on a business trip for an extended period of time, send your mate cards timed to arrive the beginning, middle, and end of your trip.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Secrets come out

Let me tell you a big secret about woman, which also includes your wife. Your wife may ask you for your opinion on something because it is in her nature to get a second opinion but that does not necessarily mean that she will go with your opinion or your opposing viewpoint.